Matthew Tucker Design

YOGA C740 (2019)

My third generation of YOGA 7-series

convertible laptops, this one is all about refinement:

perfecting details, proportions, and the feel of the product.

YOGA C740_IFA_2.jpg


The second generation of Lenovo’s

TIO monitor which docks a mini PC inside,

creating an all-in-one PC.


Thinkpad X1 Mouse (2015)

Tons of rennshape and foam models

went into this one. Engineers originally

said this would need to be twice as thick

as it came out, but I shuffled their

components around to only increase our

target form by 1mm.

ThinkPad X1 Touch Mouse.jpg


YOGA C630 (2018)

Crazy thin, light, and portable, the C630 is Lenovo’s first

LTE-enabled consumer notebook.

YOGA C630_D.jpg

I am zealous about developing

life-improving experiences,

cutting edge functionality,

and beautiful product forms.


 Thermotracker (2014)

A self-driven evolution to a project started in school.

Thermotracker is a fully engineered IR ear thermometer

with a removable temperature-sensing earpiece.



Lenovo Wireless mouse (2016)

A wired version of this ships with every Lenovo desktop,

and is now in the hands of millions of people around the world.

I sculpted the form.

Lenovo Renders_Full Size Mouse_F.jpg

 YOGA 730 (2017)

Finally starting out with a clean slate, our team

created a pure and refined form language

that will last several generations.

YOGA 730_C.jpg

 Interior Render(2018)

Created as part of a consumer desktop design project.


Design Awards and Patents


 iF Awards

YOGA C630 (2019)

YOGA 730 (2018)

YOGA 720 (2017)

ThinkPad X1 Mouse (2016)

Red Dot Awards

YOGA 730 (2018)

Thinkpad X1 Mouse (2016)

ThinkCentre TIO II (2016)

Good Design Japan Awards

YOGA 720 (2017)


Good Design Chicago Awards

YOGA 720 (2017)

Think WIreless Mouse (2017)


Patents - Lead Inventor

Variable Friction hinge for Electronic Devices (US9921612B2)

Device for cursor movement and touch input (US9811183B2)

Positionable camera (US10218942B2 )

Retractable camera (US10101777B1)

Geared housing assembly (US20180120895A1)

Computing device with magnetic hinge (US20180224897A1)

Patents - Named Inventor

Hinge assembly (US10152094B1)

Multi-fold computing device (US20180188775A1)

Camera and task light on adjustable arm and weighted base (US20180120895A1)